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TREKORS Randonnées

Hike for a day or half a day

Enjoy a sunset with corsican wine and local products

Get down under the stars

SOUTHERN CORSICA (North of Ajaccio until Bonifacio)

Mountain side :

1: ARAGNASCA PEAK : Transfer 40' from Ajaccio : Loop from the small village of Cuttoli

Corticchiato on the crest sharing Gravona and Prunelli Valleys to discover the flowers from the scrub and to have a great point of view on Ajaccio bay : +/-350m -3h


2: RICHIUSA : Transfer 50' from Ajaccio : Loop around the Richjusa River, great canyon...until an old Shepherd hut next to the most famous bandits : +/-420m – 4 hours


3 : CEPPU PEAK /CASCADE DES ANGLAIS: Transfer 1h from Ajaccio : Vizzavona pass in a wonderful beech forest in between Vizzavona's fort, small old shepherds huts and along the "English men's waterfall": +/-350 à 550m - 3 to 6 hour tour


4: Path of the lost Woman: beautiful loop through the beech forest of Vizzavona, renowned for itslung benefits, mounted statue stones of the Madonuccia and descent to Pozzi's shepherds hutswith a nice view of Monte D'Oru Moraine,....hiking embellished the legend of the Madonuccia andthat of the Monte d'Oro: +/- 300 to 600m max – 3 to 5 hours.


5: ESE'S POZZINES : Transfer to the Ese skiing resort/ Ese plateau (about 1h15 from Ajaccio) for one of the 5 nicest hiking days of the island: loop through enchanting beech forest until the pozzines, lawns of thousand water holes, back through Scaldasole crest and to the station. + / - 550m - 5h.



6: CUSCIONU PLATEAU : Transfer to Col San Petru above Zicavu (about 1:30): Loop on Cuscionebetween goats, pigs, horses in freedom along nice rivers with waterholes and pozzines, a one thousand holes'grass: +/- 300 to 700m: 5h – hot spring baths in Guitera


7: HIGH ROCKS'VILLAGES : 1h30 transfer to a loop above the village of Serra di Scopamène, overlooking the dam, Bavella Dolomites and Alcudina Peak, through the villages of the Alta Rocca(high rocks), exploring the built heritage between mill washhouse, fountains and chapel : +/- 700m 5 to 6hours


8: BAVELLA DOLOMITES : more than 2h transfer to Bavella pass: The geological curiosities of Bavella: excavations and minarets and Calanca Murata with a steep climb to the walled summit, walking techniques to access to the « bomb »hole known as U Compuleddu + / - 200 to 600m. 3 to 5h.


9: CUCURUZU : 2h transfer to visit the archaeological site of Cuccuruzzu and the middle age castle'ruins and down to Fiumiccicoli, the sulfur baths Caldane


10 : OSPEDALE LAKE : loop until a panoramic summit to see the 2 southern lakes, great view on Bavella 's dolomites and even Sardinia+/-450 to 600m – 4 to 5hours

Sea/coast side :


11 : 4-5 hours on the crest path from the Englishmen 's wood close to Napoleon's cave in

Ajaccio to the bloodthirsty island to discover the specific plants of the landscrub +/-400 to

500m after one of these 2 hiking days, we could organise a way back to Ajaccio with a small touristic train+ a visit and winetasting of Comte de Peraldi's Domain


12 : 45' transfer from Ajaccio : 4h -5h in Coti Chiavari gumtrees and oak trees forests until an old penitentiary before walking on the silver beach +/-300 to 500m


13: 1h transfer from Ajaccio : Hiking to Capu di Muro, nice loop on the coast to discover the flowers of the landscrub until a genoesan tower : +/-250m -3 hours


14 : 1h40 Transfer from Ajaccio and loop Campomoro, small fishing village(1h30): great tour along the coast among granite bowls and small bays including or not the visit of the genoesan tower (3-4 hours) + visit and winetasting at a Domain: +/- 150m - 4-5 hours


15/16: Transfer to Piana (about 1h40), one of the most beautiful village of France: 3 hour

hiking tour to Capo Rossu (a 300m above sea level genoesan tower) or 3 hour hiking in

between the pink dolomites of the Calanche de Piana - possibility to make a boat trip to

Scandola nature reserve in the Porto gulf (UNESCO world heritage)


17 : transfer to Bonifacio (2h30) : 3 to 5 hours on the calcareous cliffs to the nice city (+/-

200m)(1h boat trip along the cliffs is also possible


18: 3 hours along the coast from the 'bloodthirsty" islands: Les Iles Sanguinaires to Capo

di Feno beach to discover the specific plants of the landscrub : +/-200m

BALAGNE (around Calvi)

1: Punta della Revallata: landscrub immersion to discover the smellings and the typical plants in the landscrub until the end of the reserve and the lighthouse, great viwes on the sea both side : +/-300m – 4h


2: Notre Dame des grâces we will follow this path to the chapel of our Lady of Grace and then we will switch on the wild side and east coast to the discovery of the coastal flora until you reach the sea, coming back on a coastal path to the foot of the Citadel. Loop 4h - +/- 300m (summit in option +/- 370m as additional height difference + 3h)

(possibility to double the time of the hiking doing these 2 loops : 8h - +/-600m of height difference)


3: great loop among the medieval villages of Balagne, paths between crops and villages with vaulted fountain, church, chapels and convents, immersion in real Corsica, the one of the villages. +/- 500 to 800m -Loop 4 to 6 hours.


4: at the doors of the desert of the Agriates for a nice loop in the Ostriconi between troglodyte shelter remains of cereal agriculture ( a summit in option) and we will finish with our legs (even more!) in the sea to relax : + / 250 to 500m -Loop 4 to 6 hours.


5: From the Battaghja's pass among the white oaks for a breathtaking view of the high peaks of the island of Corsica, the boundary between Balagne and Giunssani, ascent of Monte Tolu on a Course peak, a beautiful mountain stage: From 350 +/- 700m -Loop 4 to 6 hours.


6: Loop above Mont'Estremu: landscrub smelling and botanical discovering, beautiful views of the valley of the Fangu, picnic close to a nice and clear waterhole : + 400 m / - 400 m. 4 hours walk.


7:loop from Lumio or Lumio - Calenzana: climb to the ruined village of Occi and its renovated chapel, and back on a wonderful trail above Calvi's bay orcrossing the plateau of the Notre Dame Stella, passage of the Col de Salvi and long descent through the Pagliaghju, the hermitage of San Rainieru visit the oil mill and cellar Lunghignanu Alzi Pratu +/- 300 to 600m – 4 to 6 hours of walking.


8: Lumio & Sant'Ambroggiu: great loop coastline towards the tip of Spanu for a day of relaxation between creeks: +/- 200 to 400m. 3 to 6 hours walk. Options : ack to Calvi by the train tracks or/and wine tasting in Lumio


9: From Calenzana to Bonifatu : we will start from a village, located at the south-east of Calvi, which sits quietly within an area abundant with olive trees, landscrub discoreing with its mellings and the uses of the diffrenet plants, pic nic close to a clear waterhole before going up to Bonifatu, which lies high up in the forest. Height gain: + 700m Height loss: -450m - About 4h30. 


10: Hiking the Trail Tra Mare e Monti to Galeria to Girolata – boat transfer to come back to Galeria


11: Loop from Bonifatu to Ortu or Carozzu : we will leave Bonifatu to its glaciar Cirque and Carozzu'shut or to Ortu di Piobbu the first hut on the GR20 crossing several rivers during a great ascent in a pine treeforest, pines that are called Larici pines so high that we made masts for boats with them. We will come back either to Calenzana the real starting point of the GR20 (long descent reserved to good kiers without any knee problems) or to Carozzu 's hut before reaching the famous footbridge of Spasimata, which is 30 metres in length and suspended above a waterfall +/-850 à 1500m : 5h to 10h

The Center of CORSICA: the heart of CORSICA (around Corte)

- Lakes(Melo, Capitello, Ninu): 3  to 6 hours

- Waterholes (along the Tavignanu and the Golu, at Vizzavona's Pass): 3 to 8hours

- Shepherds trails ( A Scala di Santa Regina, Radule and Catmalzi'pozzines, on the "Sea to Sea" or Mountain to Sea Trail: 4 tp 6 hours

- summits with great panoramic views:  Ceppu, Zurmulu, Lombarducciu, Ritondu,  Mote d'Oru, U Paglia Orba, Monte Cintu and so on....3 to 10 hours

North of Corsica (Cap Corse, Nebbiu, around Bastia, Patrimonio, Saint Florent)

- Discover the Cap Corse: crests, villages, balcony trails, sea side and trail customs)

- and the collers aboce Bastia

- the crests and bird trails in Nebbiu

- sea side and trails customs around Saint Florent

- Agriates desert


Possibility to hike and come back with a boat!


3 to 10 hours walking per day: let us know how many hours you would like to hike and your interests and we will propose you the hiking day you will love :)